Amos Law Office

Amos Law Office is a modern law firm, which covers a broad spectrum of legal services.

We have a particularly strong focus in:

  • Individuals and companies located abroad, needing a resilient and respectable lawyer in Finland
  • Finnish individuals and companies requiring a law firm that assists and prospers in international counselling

Clients value our common sense and good judgement that we bring to our consultations, as well as our ability to see issues that are relevant and need urgent activity.

Our focus in international legal services are:

  • In providing legal services in cross boarder inheritance cases
  • In providing premier services to Finnish individuals living abroad needing legal services in Finland
  • In companies needing international legal consultation and contact to abroad

We also result and prevent the materialization of legal risks for all clients relating to Finnish legal issues.

Our partner, Mrs. Tuula Rainto has a long history of leading international legal departments. Over the years she has collected conclusive legal knowledge and a large global network.

We charge from 260€/hr + VAT

You can always contact us with no charge for free consultation:
Phone + 358 (0)10 2295 90 or toimisto@amoslaki.fi

We are located in the middle of Helsinki city:
Annankatu 25, 5th floor,
00100 Helsinki, Finland.