Customer experiences

Tuomo, 48 years

“My grandmother’s deed of inheritage was completed quickly. The division of the work was such that I collected the certificates myself and Tuula did the deed. Tuula also calculated how much inheritance taxes will be charged from me.”

Matti Väänänen, Managing Director Bonne Juomat Oy

“We have used Amos for our corporate legal matters and have received a professional, cost-effective and responsive service.”

Krister, 43 years

“Tuula is the most approachable lawyer who I know and I know many lawyers.”

Irja, 85 years

“Tuula handled my Guardianship power of attorney as I had hoped, so that my affairs would be handled jointly by my children at some point if I loose my health. I can now focus on other things instead of worrying.”

Lauri, 62 years and Marja, 56 years

“We updated our mutual will and at the same time we made Guardianship powers of attorneys. At the same time, we were able to influence inheritance tax planning ourselves. Everything was done in one meeting and the atmosphere was good and relaxed.”

Johanna, 49 years

“I have no children of my own and I will leave my estate to my spouse’s children. I needed Amos to draft a will for me. This saves on inheritance tax, as the inheritance tax is then calculated as if the heirs were my own children. Very good service!”

Taina, 50 years and Kari, 47 years

“When we got married, we made a prenuptial agreement and Santeri also took care of registering the document at the registry office.”

Markku, 54 years

“My father wanted to renew his will and Tuula took care of it in one meeting.”

Juha, Managing Director

“Amos drafted very carefully and quickly the important documents for our company; the shareholders’ agreement and the letter of intent.”