For businesses

Amos Law Firm specializes in legal issues for small and medium-sized businesses as well as start-ups. We assist our business clients comprehensively in contract and labor law, corporate law, and matters related to company management and ownership throughout the entire lifecycle of the company. Our office has extensive experience across various industries. We help our clients find realistic, useful, and appropriate solutions to various legal issues.

As part of handling business law assignments, we aim to anticipate risk management for companies in legal liability matters. The identification and consideration of responsibilities should be part of daily business operations. By anticipating legal risks, you minimize possible legal disputes and receive advice that has financial weight. On the other hand, when risks materialize or the counterparty fails to uphold its part of the agreement or other commitments, we also assist in resolving these disputes.

Our working languages for handling business matters and document drafting are Finnish and English.

We provide our corporate clients with professional legal services efficiently and cost-effectively, tailored to their specific needs.